2015 Year in Review

We’re already a week into 2016, but before getting into what I want to this year I wanted to do a quick year in review of 2015 (also known as the year I blogged exactly twice, whoops!)


Two of my best friends visited New York for MLK weekend and it was a blast. January was also the month where I gave up eating almost every food category to try to figure out what was going on with my skin. It was probably my least favorite of all the food “cleanses” I’ve ever done.

Went to London, Innsbruck and Munich with Robert. It was our first big trip together and our first time returning to Europe since we met and studied there! Everything was amazing, but I think we’d both say Innsbruck was our favorite. We just fell in love with the city. I also did a solo hike in the Austrian alps which was HUGE for someone who doesn’t like being alone and is terrified of wild animals.


Cleaned out my closet and donated two garbage bags full of clothes. Cut down my wardrobe to only 40 pieces for the spring.

We threw a birthday party for my dad’s 50th birthday complete with a Middle Eastern-inspired menu. I started my garden which I am (still) obsessed with.

Spring finally sprung in New York and it was glorious. I walked so many miles around the city with friends and found secret gardens!

new york

Went to DC and had a great time with old and new friends! This was the month we found out Robert would be moving to London for what we thought would be a short amount of time… Also visited Atlanta and Asheville for a wedding.

Visited Rio over the Fourth of July and had so much fun despite less than stellar weather. Also went to London for a three-day weekend (crazy, but worth it) and my bad luck with weather continued, it was colder than it had been in February! Finished the month by getting my wisdom teeth out, which wasn’t that bad, thankfully.


st pauls



Visited Montreal with Alice for our first ever sisters trip and spent many hours at the border each time! Went to Philly with a friend and had a pretty wild time.

Headed to Paris and Cassis which are the only trips I blogged about! Also had a great dinner with Robert and one of my best friends because they happened to both be in New York for one day only.


My grandma spent some time with us this month and my mom and I headed up to the Catskills for a weekend of hiking and sleeping in bunk beds (next time, we’ll share a queen…)

Went to Copenhagen with Robert and then celebrated Thanksgiving at home with my family and my (other) grandma.



Went to Charleston for work and ate all the things! Celebrated Robert’s birthday with a Carolina game, my birthday and Christmas. Finished out the year in Atlanta.